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Grace Thompson

Pastor I missed you while you were gone but I also know that you needed that time as I been down that road But I send you my prayers and love I miss hearing the word coming from you

Jane Wakefield

Pastor Chandler,
I’m so sorry I didn’t know of your loss of Lady Chandler. My heart is heavy for you and your family! She was a lovely Lady of God with a Beautiful voice!
I think of you often and the Cedar Street family. I cherish the memories we shared with Pastor G! It’s never been the same for me. I continually struggle to find “My Place of Worship.”
Love to you and your family!
Jane Wakefield

Sterling Wood

I appreciate you and all that you do continue To preach the gospel That you do so well love you

Jennien Heyward

Pastor Chandler, I am so great full to God for a Shepard like you! You show us love even in the midst of your pain. May God forever keep and strengthen you and your Children
Love you!
Jennien Heyward

Theresa Shirden

Pastor Chandler, You’re truly the definition of a spiritual leader. I thank God for placing my family in the right hands. Be blessed always. We love you❤️

Robert Mitchell

To God Be The Glory!
Power to you,Man of God,you enlighten me to apply The Word of God, to things that,I allow to disrupt my peace!Hearing God’s Word, delivered by You,encourages me,to Believe!!

Stephanie alexander

Pastor chandler,Thank you for being a good spiritual leader, everyone appreciate you for all you do..

Deborah Mapp

I pray daily for you. I knew when I met you that you were special in God’s sight. He will give you everything that you need because you are caring and He is not going to leave you nor forsake you. May His peace be with you and your children. I hope to see and talk with you soon. Blessings and love.